Sanctuary’s Christmas Appeal 2015

Our friends Peter and Sue Hallam are the founders and directors of the Sanctuary Australia Foundation.

For over 25 years, Sanctuary has sponsored, provided interest-free travel loans, and resettled Government approved humanitarian entrant refugees, helping them to rebuild their lives in Australia from war zones around the world. Sanctuary is an award winning organisation, run with the utmost integrity.

Most refugees have suffered great trauma – often seeing loved ones brutally tortured and killed. Forced to flee their home, in fear of losing their lives, they are often stuck in refugee camps for years on end without hope.

They urgently need your assistance – many people are living in such dire and hopeless situations.

Click here to obtain a brochure for Sanctuary’s Christmas Appeal 2015

With your help The Sanctuary Foundation can continue to provide support and sponsorship to re-unite refugee families who have been split apart by war.


Your donation matters, because with your support Sanctuary can continue this vital work:

Sponsorship and interest-free travel loans (gradually repaid and used again) for recognized refugees accepted under Australia’s 202 Humanitarian Program.

Sanctuary Refugee Advice and Support Program, helping to reunite families separated by war.

Resettlement support and help with practical every day needs.

Direct emergency help for small but vital needs (ie. medicines, food).

Education grants for children ($50 each per year) through our joint DR Congo partnership.


Sanctuary is a multi-award winning charity, with small overheads and large integrity, working since 1988 to help refugees regardless of their race or background.

Patrons include actor Jack Thompson, Actors Kate Atkinson and Alice Garner, Author Steve Biddulph, ABC Broadcaster Phillip Adams and Professor Peter Singer.

Please take a minute to fill out the form at the end of the appeal form.

Your support for Sanctuary’s work is appreciated. It really does change lives!

All donations are tax-deductible. Thank you.


On the subject of refugees, see also my recent posts No Going Home and Hejira


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