Better read than dead – books, poems and reading

A selection of posts from In That Howling Infinite on books and authors
       Sailing to Byzantium – Richard Fidler’s Ghost Empire
The View From a Balcony in Jerusalem –  Journalist John Lyon’s Israel memoir
The Sport of Kings – CE Morgan’s “great American novel”
Outside looking in– Nick Cater’s The Lucky Culture
What have the Romans done for us? – Mary Beard’s SPQR
Fact or friction = fiction – considering historical fiction
Go ask Alice. I think she’ll know – celebrating Alice’s 150th birthday
The Incorrigible Optimists Club – Jean-Michel Guenassia’s debut masterpiece
Laugh out loud – listing the funniest books eve
Legends, bibles, plagues – Bob Dylan’s Nobel lecture
Cuddling up to Caligula – the fictional warm and fuzzy emperor
O Little Town of Bethlehem – the biography of a famous town
       The last rains came gently – Steinbeck’s dustbowl ballad
       Martin Sparrow’s Blues –  a tale the young colony of New South Wales
        The Twilight of the Equine Gods – Farewell to the horse
        The Wild Wood and the Wide World – celebrating The Wind in the Willows
        Songs for a wounded city – Beirut, Fairuz and Nizar Qabbani