Paul Hemphill’s Music

Multi-award winning songwriter Paul Hemphill has performed throughout Australasia and the UK, as a solo artist and as a member of the shadowy HuldreFolk, combining poetry and music, horror and humour. Vikings, Romans, Mongols, and the Spanish Inquisition have all faced the music!.

 Something old, something new, something that may take us disappearing down the foggy ruins of time – pushing poetic licence to its hazy limits, reacquainting us with his particular take on history, imparting an altogether different perspective on pain and pandemonium, and sharing with us dubious anthems to power, pride, and prejudice.

You can find out more and listen to some of Paul’s songs on You Tube. Search under Paul Hemphill or HuldreFolk (but ignore the Flemish death metal band of the same name).

Or on Soundcloud:

Paul has seven volumes of poetry and verse, available in PDF file format on request. The forwards to these are viewable in the menu of this blog. These are:

Tabula Rasa – Early Days

Roman Holiday – The Poems of Meniscus Diabetes 

Lost Boys – Forgotten Poems of Paul Hemphill

The Drovers’s Dog and Other Stories – Poetry of Paul Hemphill, Volume Four

Into That Howling Infinite – Poetry of Paul Hemphill, Volume Five

No Bull – A Bush Bash

East – An Arab Anthology



2 thoughts on “Paul Hemphill’s Music

  1. Paul, mate.

    Paul Gerber from Wales here. A strong invitation drew me to explore your possible whereabouts……cannot find phone numbers or e mails……..

    For now, a brief celebration of our connection and warmth which I hold……and the holding of my tiny 2 week old baby by the substantial (in many ways) Victor……..

    You look well on these releases………

    With respect, warmth…..and lets do that one again in “C”……..

    Come and connect…


    PS Adam is 26……..


    • Hi Stranger! You are not forgot. I remember our meeting very well, in Pontadawe in August 1988. I remember also how we caught up in August 1999. Great to reconnect. I will contact you very soon. Cheers. Paul

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